Covering all the Bases

Do you ever get annoyed about the glaring lack of coverage concerning the world’s best sport? Sick of reading about boring football and basketball? Wow oh wow do we have the perfect medicine for you.

My name is Jill White and welcome to Slow Pitch News! The web’s best (and most entertaining) site completely devoted to national softball news. Here we will cover everything from the college ranks to the little leagues, looking for some fun wherever we can. Because one thing is for certain: we don’t take ourselves too seriously around here.

While I’m sure you’ve already heard of me, I do think it’s important I provide a bit of personal background. Once named the “worst player in the ACC,” I was a stalwart of the N.C. State bench from 2007-2011. One of the best water girls around, I think it’s safe to say I’ve experienced more splinters in my butt than most. Now with all this talent I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t land in the pros, but rest easy knowing I easily could if I wanted to.

Now I didn’t start this website for boring box scores and mind-numbing analysis, ESPN and others sure have that covered. Rather we aim to find the entertaining stories that the mainstream media misses, as well as all of the important news softball fans are clamoring for. Whether that be intriguing interviews or  comedic pieces, all of us at Slow Pitch News are confident there is something for everyone.

While we may be based out of Statesville, North Carolina, our coverage is anything but local. With sources all over the country, we can laugh at errors in California and Maine at the same time. And yes, all of you terrible Tarheel fans, despite my better judgement we will be covering the North Carolina team as well. 

So please, we encourage you to spend some time on our site, because while we may be called Slow Pitch News- our coverage is anything but. No longer do you have to scavenge for useless tid-bits, we are here to become your one-stop-shop. Take a breath, settle in, and never ever forget: count your blessings your a softball fan instead of a baseball fan.

Finally, if you have any desire to get in contact with us, please reach out here. Whether you have tips, comments, or anything else we would absolutely love to hear from you.